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Client Auckland City Council
Project Value $6 million

Description : This drainage project was part of Auckland City’s $40 million transport corridor project to provide faster, more efficient bus and cycle travel between the CBD and Newmarket, via key locations including Auckland City Hospital and The University of Auckland.

Relevant features
Work undertaken included:
• Deep underground (7.5 metres) installation of 282 metres of 1050mm diameter concrete stormwater pipes in Park Road and Park Avenue.
• Pipe jacking
• Open-trench construction with associated shoring.
• Installation of 173 metres of 750mm diameter, 134 metres of 600mm diameter, 52 metres of 525mm diameter, 230 metres of 450mm diameter, 38 metres of 375mm diameter, 230 metres of 300mm diameter, and 790 metres of 225mm diameter stormwater pipeline.
• Installation of 695 metres of 250mm OD polyethylene wastewater pipes.
Wastewater separation of 77 private properties.
In addition to the main physical works, this multi-faceted contract required skilful project management to overview its many elements including:
• Minimising noise and vibration disturbance, especially to Auckland City Hospital, Starship Children’s Hospital, the University of Auckland’s School of Medicine and other health/education-related facilities in the Park Road area.
• Minimising impact on heavy traffic flows through Park Road, ensuring at least one lane open at all times.
• Avoiding even minor structural damage to nearby buildings and structures.
Liaising closely with neighbours, stakeholders and the 16 other contract partners to achieve optimum performance and minimise adverse effects.
• Installing 1050-diameter concrete pipes up to 7.5 metres deep using a high-frequency sheet piler with a minimal adverse noise/vibration impact on the environment.
• Pipe jacking 45 metres of stormwater pipeline below a large pohutukawa tree at the corner of Grafton and Park Roads.

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Client: KiwiRail
Project Value: $3 Million

This project included the installation of storm and wastewater pipelines near Khyber Pass.

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Client: Transpower
Project Value: $1.2 Million

The existing reinforced concrete cable tunnel that is located under the Botany shopping centre was cracking and showing signs of potential failure...

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Client: Watercare Services Ltd
Project Value: $1.3 Million

Jacobson’s Tunnel is located in the Waitekere Ranges and was constructed in the 1960’s...