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Torpedo Bay Seawall and Outfall

Client North Shore City
Project Value $900,000

Description : This project called for the construction of stormwater outfalls and associated groynes and the reconstruction of a character seawall along the foreshore of an historic residential area of Devonport.

Relevant features
This project was in a marine environment, requiring most of the physical works to be done during low tide and for extreme care to be taken in such a sensitive natural environment.
Torpedo Bay is an historic area of Devonport, and the reconstructed seawall needed to be in keeping with the original wall’s materials and construction.
The local community was exacting in its requirements for the rock wall to complement their historic and picturesque community.
North Shore City stipulated many quality and design features for the rock wall and groynes that required good management as well as a high level of technical expertise for compliance.
Work undertaken included:
• Extension of two stormwater outfalls by 20m and 50m, respectively, using 710mm (outer diameter) polyethylene pipes.
• Construction of two 3m-high rock groynes over the extended outfalls, measuring 15m at their base and 4m at their top.
• Reconstruction of a seawall.
• This project won the 2012 INGENIUM Excellence Award for Construction Projects under $2 Million.

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Client: KiwiRail
Project Value: $3 Million

This project included the installation of storm and wastewater pipelines near Khyber Pass.

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Client: Watercare Services Ltd
Project Value: $43 Million

"Any of the team I've spoken with... have been courteous, considerate and helpful... even beyond 'good work-practice' requirements."
- Grateful Resident

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Client: Auckland Council
Project Value: $2 Million

Mobilised plant and labour within two days... including 100 tonnes of sheet piles in a commercial zone.